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Browse our unique and specially developed Classic Itineraries Tours from the links right below. Our Classic Itineraries vacations include Airfare (unless otherwise noted), airport transfers, hotel accommodations, and custom designed touring across each itinerary. You can also customize your tour with optional tours, transfers and fun activities to add even more value to your tour when you're ready to travel to Classic Itineraries. If you have any questions or need help please feel free to speak to one of our travel agents who are happy to answer your questions or help plan your Classic Itineraries tour.

From $3,255
8 days/6 nights
Take a 6-night trip and visit the highlights of Japan. Start with Tokyo, the capital of Japan, where you see the Tokyo Tower and visit a tea ceremony. Also, take a boat ride up the Sumida River, and visit the Imperial Palace Plaza. Next, travel halfway up Mt. Fuji and enjoy a cruise on Lake Ashi. On the way down, spend a night in Hakone before taking a bullet train to Kyoto, an ancient Japanese capital, where you see Nijojo Castle, the Kyoto Imperial Palace and other sights. Starting from $3255 including air, with weekly guaranteed departures.
From $7,490
15 days/13 nights
Take a 13-night trip and retrace the steps of ancient merchants by traveling the famous Silk Road. Start by spending a night in Beijing before you fly to Lanzhou, the ancient border town of Imperial China. Next travel to Dunhuang, where you see stunning Buddhist frescoes at the Mogao Grottoes. Afterward, travel across the Gobi desert to the small town of Liuyuan and board a night train to the oasis city of Turpan. In Turpan, shop at the local bazaar, where you can find grapes, apricots, and walnuts of different varieties grown in this fertile land amid the barren desert. Next. travel to Urumqi, where Chinese culture mixes with the local Uighur population. Finally, head to Kashgar, the most remote city in all of China, and see how this thriving community comes together amid adversity. Spend another night in Urumqi and then two nights in Shanghai as you travel back to the US. Starting from $7,490, including air, with weekly guaranteed departures from April to October.
From $5,285
11 Days/9 Nights
Take a 9-night trip, paying homage to the philosophical precepts of Confucius and visiting the places where he grew up and taught. Start in Qingdao, a beachside resort city on the Yellow Sea, where you visit Mt. Laoshan and Taoist temples. Later, travel to Jinan to spend a night on your way to Qufu, a 3,000-year-old town and the birthplace of Confucius. Visit the residence, temple, and tomb of Confucius, all preserved by his descendants. Afterward, travel to Mt. Tai, enjoy a scenic cable-car ride and spend the night atop the peak. The next day, descend via cable car and travel to Jinan, where your full-day tour includes Daming Lake and Paotu Spring. Finally, fly to Shanghai and enjoy a city tour before you depart for the US. Starting from $5,285, including air, with weekly guaranteed departures.
From $4,290
13 days/11 nights
Take an 11-night trip, visiting some of China’s best attractions and enjoying a cruise along the Yangtze River. Start off with tours of the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs, Tian An Men Square, and the Forbidden City in Beijing. Then fly to Xi’an, where you see 6,000 terracotta soldiers frozen in time. Afterward, fly to Chongqing and board your cruise along the Yangtze River, passing through the Three Gorges along the way. Finally, fly to Shanghai and explore the vibrant city that mixes modern and ancient. Starting from $4290, including air, with weekly guaranteed departures.
From $3,280
9 days/7 nights
Take a 7-night trip and visit the main tourist attractions in China. See the Great Wall, Tian An Men Square, and the Forbidden City in Beijing. Then travel to the ancient capital of China, Xi’an, and view the terracotta soldiers. Finally, explore the vibrant city of Shanghai with its intriguing mix of the modern and historic. Starting from $3,280, including air, with weekly guaranteed departures.
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